Empire State CrossFit

Schedule Updates during the Open

Starting next week and for the duration of the Open…

Tuesdays – 6:00PM ROMWOD at North. Bring your yoga mats and let’s work on your flexibility

Thursdays – The schedule will now be Open Gym all day. You can come to any of the regularly scheduled classes to make up a missed workout, work on a skill, lift something heavy, mobilize, hang, ask questions, or just do whatever. We will provide an optional WOD.

Fridays – We will follow a normal schedule. The PM sessions will follow a regular schedule but will be our “Friday Night Lights”. Cushion some additional time before and after class in the evenings to allow us enough time to go over all the standards and walk you through a warm up.

Saturdays – We will run a regular schedule with a programmed WOD.

Sundays – Open WODs can be made up during Open Gym. However, please be sure to contact a coach if you intend on doing so.


Make Up Open WODs

If you cannot perform the Open WOD on Friday or Sunday, contact one of the coaches to discuss alternative arrangements. Make-up WODs must be made known to the coaches in advance and are only for athletes who are registered.


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