Empire State CrossFit

Own your training

There comes a time in your CrossFit career that it’s time to take off the “training wheels” and YOU start to take accountability for your training. Sure you come in each day, with that vigor to crush your lifts, but you’re still a touch unsure. So that’s when you run over to your coach to ask them what they think you should do or how to load the bar.  Granted, that’s why we’re there. To help you out.

Now, put yourself in your coaches shoes, compound your question with 50-60 individuals asking the same thing. It can get pretty complicated trying to remember every person’s capabilities but we do our best.

At a certain point in your CF journey, it’s time to spread your wings and not have to rely on your coach to always tell you what to lift or what to do. Take an active role and OWN your training. Don’t let others dictate what you’re supposed to do.  You’ll never get better if you don’t understand the why’s or your own personal limitations. Be able to think and know where you’re thresholds are and be confident in your decisions. Made a mistake and went too heavy? Made an error and went too light? That’s what you need to understand on your own in order for you to continue to grow.

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