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Day 236

squat clean 135lbs
ring dips

7:57…I am ashamed of this time, I dont like stringing squat cleans but have to remember when its light weight I can follow it down and pick it right up, to make this even worse I did all the ring dips unbroken for some strange reeason I am good at ring dips without much practice.

rest 10 min

3min max burpee pullups from 8ft bar
26… again not good! taking my foot off gas pedal for no reasaon but I will cut some slack because it was first time & these were a little awkward, was def. not moving efficiently.

rest 10 min
row 1k with gas mask

3:53…was doing great and started to panick around 300 meter mark breathing got all jacked up. might do another wod later, tomorrow is off.


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Strength 5×3 thrusters
10 min amrap.
10 thursters 95/65
50 double unders

Day 235

Was supposed to go for a long hike but weather was bad so I did some snatch balances.

190lb P.r. Then went home and tried to jog on the treadmill did 2 miles and called it quits. Low energy today. Open is 12 weeks away and I am 197lbs this morning. Need to lose a 1lb a week for 12 weeks and I will be 185. Not gonna get crazy with the scale, I am gonna weigh myself every Saturday morning and if I have lost my 1lb I will allow myself a cheat day but if not I will stay strict. I am definitely the leanest I have been since I started CrossFit.


Deadlift 225/135
muscle up
If you dont have muscle ups sub strict pullups.

Day 234

Power snatch 2×2 at 80% rest 2min
135lbs both touch and go
Power snatch 2×2 at 90%
150lbs felt super light so I decided time to P.R so I started hitting singles
170×1 P.R.
175×1 P.R….There is more left but I did not want to get greedy.
worked up tough 5 70lb k.b. snatches
3×1200 meter row with gas mask
4:36…mask is awesome because I am forced to control my breathing. good day of training.