Empire State CrossFit


Mar. 3

5 min amrap
9 thrusters 95/65
9 pullups
rest 2min
5 min amrap
row for calories
rest 2min
5 min amrap
Farmers walk

Day 328

Ran 4 miles kept all miles under 8 min. unless I wake up tomorrow feeling dynamite I will completely rest. Then Saturday will be showtime.

Day 327

The good news is I am good at snatches the bad news is I just did them today.

Hang snatch find a 1rm

185 p.r.

3 hang snatches 155
row 250
rest 5 min.

all sets 1:06-1:08…I think I should take two days and off and hit this wod once as hard as possible. my goal will be to hit 210 for 1 which would be 5lbs over my p.r. but I would be happy with 90 reps.

Day 326

3 min
3 c2b
6 power cleans
rest 3min
3 min
row 6 cal
3 burpees
rest 3
3 min
18 d.u.
6 pushups
rest 3min
3 min
6 k.b. swings 53/35
6 plank ups

417 reps…went as hard as I could at every station.

Feb. 29

Remember if you are hitting the open wod tomorrow you are resting today!

Power snatch 75/45
box jump
Front lunge

Day 325

Front squat-program

Find 1rm thruster

225…weak quads strike again.

7 min amrep
190lb thrusters

18…felt good Then cashed out with some prowler sled pushes.