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WEEK OF 9/1 – 9/5

A. Backsquat 5-3-1 75-85-95%… if 95% feels good then take 120%  off the rack and stand tall with it for 5 seconds. Do not attempt to squat! rest 2 min then go to 103% and P.R.
175-195-220  then 240 PR (+10)

B. 3 sets of 3 clean pulls @ 110%
C. 50 banded good mornings (green band)
D. Airdyne 20 min. conversational pace

A. 3 sets of:
10 wall facing shoulder taps
B. push jerk 5-4-3-2-1

3 sets for times:
Row 500
15 pullups
15 shoulder to overhead 85lbs
15 kipping hspu off 1 abmat
rest 5 min.
  1.  4:37
  2. 5:12
  3. 5:28

*all S2O unbroken…

OMEM x 18
10 Calorie Airdyne
10 Lunges
10 Superman

airdyne 20 min at 50%


EJ’s Training – Week of 8/25- 8/30


A. backsquat 3 x 3 @ 70,80, 90%
B. 3 sets of;
3 snatch grip rdl-use straps if needed
*don’t have straps and my grip wasn’t very good.
C. Isabelle
5:12 – ugh snatches…vs. 7:53 from July 7 
D. 3 sets of :
5 barbell rollouts-like an ab wheel
*Today was just a grinder for me. I didn’t have the drive to train and I felt like molasses going through the WODs. I’m glad I got through them but I can feel that the long hours and limited amount of sleep I’ve been getting are affecting my training. 

10 sets; for times of:
400 meter run @ 85%
rest 2 min.
  1. 2:11
  2. 2:01
  3. 2:02
  4. 2:03
  5. 2:05
  6. 2:07
  7. 2:10
  8. 2:09
  9. 2:13
  10. 2:13

*worked 12 hours yesterday and was pretty beat. Didn’t think I’d fit in the run, but I ended up with a quiet 4:30PM and was able to. Unfortunately by round 6 my calves felt like they were going to burst with every stride. It shows with every following set getting progressively slower. Glad I got the WOD in, but wasn’t feeling anywhere near 100%

A. 5 sets of:
squat clean
1.1 rest 10 sec/3 min
*Stayed lighter to focus on dropping under the bar

B. 3 sets of: clean pulls@205
1.1.1 rest 10 sec./3 min.
C. 1 weighted pullup @ 20lbs every 30sec. x 5 min.
all movements must be unbroken-if broken begin that movement over from beginning.
For Time – 10:41
30 double unders
30 pullups
30 shoulder to overhead 85lbs
30 k.b. swings 1 pood
15 double unders
15 pullups
15 s20
15 swings
*Unbroken was torture. Pullup PR at 30. The S2O was ROUGH! I thought the 15 would be easy – the only thing easy was the DUs. For the PUs I did 10 and then just hung on for dear life and did singles.
This week has been really hard on the recovery end. I’ve been really exhausted and I think it’s showing in my workout performance. I felt like I was pulling teeth to get going with the workout this AM. Thank goodness tomorrow is a rest day.
On the upside, the gym has been cranking out some great energy and that’s what gets me through my day. 

A. 3 set not for time of:
25 sec. l-sit
5 good attempts at a handstand
2 turkish get ups per arm
*Pressed for time – Got through one set then went right after the below
B. work up to a heavy strict press
65-75-85-95-100* tie PR (my right arm is weaker…left arm shot up and my right arm took like 5 seconds to catch up)
C. snatch wave-3 times for 15 min.
*hit everything except for the time I loaded the bar wrong!

D. 10 min. of Nate
  • My timer on my phone flaked on me. At the 10th minute it had reset my counter! I think I got 5 rounds + 2 MU and 4 HSPUS
  • I’m not sure what happened but my MUs pulling strength was on point today. I didn’t struggle with the transition like I had last time I did MUs.
  • HSPUs I did them all strict! I find them easier than kipping?! That’s a first..I always hated strict, but I guess because it was a weakness of mine.

For time:
row 1k
25 burpees
50 box jumps 20 inches
25 burpees
row 1k

15:05 – today was just a get through it day..

EJ’s Training – Week of 8/18- 8/23

  • This AM I was feeling really tired. Just for a frame of reference, I try to squeeze my WODs in between AM classes. So I moved through everything within 1.5 hours – could probably have afforded myself a little more rest.
A.  4×2 backsquats @ 90%
210  – felt heavy initially, but got through it without issue.

B. 5 tng power snatches @95lbs omem x 5 min.
Power Snatch – my nemesis. Got through the 4th round – on the 5th I couldn’t hang onto the bar on my 5th snatch.

C. 1 muscle up every 20 sec. x 5 min.
This was pitiful today. MUs felt off the whole time. I managed to keep up the first 3 minutes and then afterwards, I turned this into an AFAP WOD because I knew I had nothing in the tank. Finished in 13:49 …LAME. Just didn’t have it today. 
D. 25 unbroken pullups  – 44 seconds
rest 60 sec.
25 unbroken shoulder 2 overhead 85lbs – 35 seconds
rest 5 min
15 unbroken pullups – 26 seconds
rest 60 sec.
15 shoulder 2 overhead 85lbs – 18 seconds

 *Tried to stay calm with the UB pull up set at 25. 


8 sets of: run 400 meters @ 85-90%

rest 2 min. between sets
  1. 1:50
  2. 1:50
  3. 1:55
  4. 1:55
  5. 1:56
  6. 1:57
  7. 2:01
  8. 1:58

*Feel like I may have lost a toenail or two!! I have no idea how I used to enjoy running half marathons. Tried to run pose and focused on cadence. No clue how to gage 85%/90%, but I felt that I did a reasonable job at trying to stay consistent. Probably the longest run I’ve done all year.



A. 5 sets of:
squat clean
1.1.1 rest 10 sec/3 min.
125-135-145-155-160(2) did one rep at 145


*still have to fix the swooping out of the bar and just dropping underneath


155# below


B. 3 sets of: clean pulls@205
1.1.1 rest 10 sec./3 min.
*This felt heavy today
For Times
60 t2b – *3:13
rest 5 min.
50 strict hspu off 1 ab mat –  *1:43
rest 5min.
50 kipping hspu off 1 ab mat *2:22


60 T2B

50 strict HSPUs – I swear my head touched the mat. You can’t tell because my bangs are flapping around

50 HSPUs Kipping – didn’t have much left in the tank




Rest Day



A. 3rds nft
20 sec. l-sit
practice h.s. wallking
3 hollow body wall walks
*Need to work on the HS walking. – aka need to work on HANDSTANDS!! 
B. work up to a heavy complex
1 squat snatch + 1 hang squat snatch + 1 ohs
*Working on NOT swooping the bar out*


C. Front squat 3 x 3 @ 83%
*This felt heavy today
D. 3 sets of:
 20 ghd situps


deadlifts 185lbs
box jumps 20 inches
burpees over the barbell

EJ’s Training – Week of 8/11- 8/15


  • A. squat snatch build to a max

65-75-95-105-115-120F-120 – slowly but surely getting more confident.   

  • B. 5 sets of:1 1/4 front squat; 3×5; rest 2 min

120-120-125-125-125  * this was tough. hip was feeling a little tight. 

  • C. 20 muscle ups for time

9:56 * All time PR..Thank goodness!!  I still have to master the art of stringing together MUs. My transitions felt better.

  • d. 3 x 20 ghd situps


Had a blast with the photoshoot for lulu…Coach Dan took a little bit to warm up to the poses, but what you didn’t see were all the handstands, MUs and handstand attempts on the rings he did.


6rds for time
row 500
15 burpees
21:11 – pass the barf bag. 


 Wed Deadlift

  • 185 x 5
  • 225 x 3
  • 265 x 1
  • 290 x 1 *ALL TIME PR

I’ve struggled with the deadlift since I’ve started CF 4 years ago. Always had that halloween cat back and I plateaued my DL in December, so this is courtesy of Coach Dan’s magical plan

Diane 8/13/14 – 4:30 PR

My history with Diane
  • 8/8/12 11:20
  • 1/15/13 12:43
  • 12/18/13 5:09
  • 8/13/14 – 4:30
**I was winded as hell. 
  • Broke up the DLs in round 15 to 5 and 5..
  • HSPUs were unbroken at 21 – I definitely felt the aerobic nature of the workout versus strength


  • A. power clean build to a max;then 2 every 30 seconds for 6 min

worked up to 145# – this was ugly; need to retweak my technique; Must drop under the bar and stop thrusting into the air!; 115# for the Every 30s

  • 21-15-9 workout from the games but instead of bar muscle  ups chest 2 bars

18:42 – this makes me laugh because it’s amazing how incredibly awesome Games athletes are.  The cleans and deadlifts were no issue but a 115# snatch is 90% of my max, so I spent a good amount of time trying to psych myself up to go for it. It took a bit, which is why my time is so gross..woops. Wasn’t feeling very strong today.