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Feb. 7 & 8th

Feb. 7th

on 60 sec. clock find a 3 rep power snatch

205…Very happy with that

jogged 2 miles


Feb. 8th

class wod

omem x 10

3 c&j @ 155

6 c2b

complete chest 2 bars were off today


300 double unders for time

7 burpees at the top of each min.

7:41…No intensity today. Even yesterday felt strong but no push.



Hang squat clean + 4 front squats


Elbow up strict press 3×5

95-115-135 (only got 2)

Open Workout 15.5 


27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)

Men use 95 lb.
Women use 65 lb.

7:58…Thrusters were eating me up. Need to get my Front squat up next year. I can see under 7. Under 6 is another planet.

Feb. 6

Deadlift 6-4-2-6-4-2


omem x 20

odd- 10 calories assault bike

even- 10 box jump overs 24 inch

Complete nice and easy. Body beat up.

February 2

Back squat 3×3

225-255-275…kept it light due to hip flexor

Wod #1

3 sets on a 3 minute clock counting down

25 assault bike calories

max alternating 1 arm 70lb  DB. snatches with time remaining

rest 90 sec.

Set 1-21

Set 2-19

Set 3-21


Wod # 2


6 muscle ups

30 double unders

8:38 …..They were not feeling good today

Rd 1 unbroken

Rd 2 3-3

rd 3 4-2

rd 4 4-2

rd 5 2-2-2


Wod # 3

4 min. row for calories

3 min. wallballs

2 min. hand release burpees

156…I think got 76 on row then sort of went to darkside. Training is all mental. Yesterday I felt pretty good. Today I felt like crap & didn’t want to train but the body can handle it. The body is a lazy organism and wants to do only enough to survive so It’s up to the brain to push it. I was having lunch with my father who is dying of stage four cancer. I was complaining how my life is so hard because I am a stay at home father trying to run a business and I have spent a down payment on a house and a college education on lawyers, divorce & custody battle. I asked him when is life gonna get easier and he said your life is easy, you need to stop acting like a bitch, You have a great job with employees, you have a healthy son that you take to school and pick up. I didn’t think you would make it past 21. What is the point of overcoming what you overcome if your gonna sit around and worry all day. Sometimes a little change of perspective is good. That being said my elbow tendonitus is killing me 🙂

February 1

Open WOD 13.4
7 min. amrap
3 c&j 135/95
3 toes 2 bar
6 c&j
6 toes 2 bar
9 c&j
9 toes 2 bar
ascending by 3’s

94….Good and bad news. Bad news is it is 4 reps less then 2013. The good news Is I did all singles on clean & jerk after rd6 and that is not my style. If I had gone 6 -3 on the rd of 9 & 8-4 on the rd of 12. I think I can get well into the 100’s and more importantly my gas felt fine. I need to start lifting more. I have been going metcon crazy to make sure my gas is good but if I am not careful I am gonna start getting weak. One push-pull & squat per week for maintenance and some heavy oly in Metcons. Feel like I wanted to do more today but had to deal with nonsense

January 23

I Did not feel like working out today! It has been a while since I have woken up sore to touch. Got my man B.K. to accompany me

Warm up wod


5 cleans 185

5 bench press 185

4:39…Bench press felt heavy! We need to bench more.


6 sets of every 4 min

5 muscle ups

10 ohs walking lunges 45lbs

Row 250

Complete too easy I should have made it every 3 min. All muscle ups unbroken, all rows under a min. last one was under 40 sec. Feel like I need a rest day but If I can walk tomorrow and the snow is melted I will run some intervals.