Empire State CrossFit



Refer back to July 10

Take 20 min to work up to a new 1rm front squat


20 burpees


rest exactly 2min. between rds

Sep. 28

We have Childcare at 9:15 but not a lot of takers, I will keep it going for a few more weeks but after that you will either have to contact Woolf personally or we might shut it down. There will only be a 9am kids class this Saturday and until further notice.


6 sets of squat clean 1.1 rest 10 sec. between singles

omem x10 a challenging # of pullups or muscle ups for you.



double unders


Today is a little light because tomorrow is a tough one!




Sep. 15

20 min Amrap

20 pullups

30 k.b. swings

40 double unders


15 min. amrap

3 power snatches 155/105

6 hspu

9 c2b

Sept. 5

Everyone does this today

1oo burpees for time with 2 power clean 185/125 emom




New Website!! Few announcements

1. Everyone needs to get a wordpress account. So they can post to comments, very important so you can mark your porogress and I can analyze Data.

2 . Postpone Sunday open gym starting next week as we have to put up another pullup rig.

3. Competition Team: If you are looking to compete & have your sights set on this years open or have been doing this for some time and want to take your training to a new level. The comp. class hours will be 4:30 & 7:00pm during the week and 12 pm. on Saturdays.  This training will be vary demanding and is only by invite.


6 sets of 1 power snatch 1 squat squat

15 -12- 9 – 6- 3            

Power snatches 115/75

Barbell  facing burpees