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Eric Guido is heading up the Empire State CrossFit Barbell Club. This is an 10 week program that focuses on Olympic Lifts: Clean and Jerk, Snatch, and Squatting. Classes focus on fundamentals and technique.

The next cycle starts on Monday July 28, 2014.
Classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6:30pm.
Cost is $120 for membership; $15 drop in for ESCF Members.
Class size is limited to 12 people.

Sign up online at Enrollment stars July 14.


WHO and WHAT is Empire State CrossFit North? Check out this awesome video montage by our very own, Norville Yearwood.

Get started at ESCF North!


ESCF Referral Program Competition

So you’ve drank the kool aid, you’re strutting around in Unbroken and CrossFit gear, and are talking the CrossFit lingo. You can’t stop talking about CrossFit with your friends, but they still don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

Here’s you chance to pay it forward and show your friends and family what CrossFit is all about. We’ll be running a Referral Program Competition from May 1st – July 31. The individual that brings in the most referrals will receive 3 months of unlimited membership!

When you refer your friends we all win.

How many of you have met because of the gym? How many of you have done business together because of the gym? How many of you became friends because of the gym? It’s crazy to think about isn’t it? Bringing your friends from outside the gym into this mix is just natural – isn’t it?

Fine print:
-For New Clients only. This does not apply for any clients that are currently with ESCF or have been clients of ESCF in the past.
-New Client must put your name as a referral when signing up for the Onramp.
-New Client must complete the Onramp and choose a paid membership. The referring Athlete with the most referrals for the time period will then receive their discount.


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