Empire State’s Young Athlete HIT is a program focused on high school level athletes who are looking to take their athletic performance to the next level. Strength and conditioning for performance strongly contribute to success in any sport.

Empire believes that high intensity workouts promote both mental toughness and give young athletes a base of conditioning which can be tested again and again. Through metabolic conditioning re-tests, athletes prove increased work capacity as well as improved athletic ability.

Young Athlete HIT Privates will consist of:

  • Sport specific Warm Up
  • Mobility and Dynamic Stretching
  • Olympic Lifting and/or Strength Training
  • Gymnastics Strength – Push/Pull
  • Metabolic conditioning usually in the form of a high intensity workout
  • Accessory work


CF Kids Waiver : Prior to participation, EVERY athlete must complete a signed waiver. If an athlete is younger than 18 years of age, a parent must also sign the waiver. For those athletes under 18 years of age, it is highly recommended that a waiver is completed prior to arriving for their first private coaching. Waivers can be obtained by clicking the link in blue.

Questionnaire : Not required, but is helpful for us to plan more personalized athlete programming. The questionnaire inquires about sport specific goals, mobility concerns and injury modification.

Contact Us – Kids

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Insurance Provided by CrossFit RRG

    • Private Pricing (1-2 athletes)

      1 Private – $120

      5 Privates – $550 ($110/private)

      10 Privates – $1,000 ($100/private)

    • Private Group Pricing (3-5 athletes)

      $100 per private

      Private Team Pricing (8+ athletes)

      $15 an athlete per private