Empire State CrossFit


Empire State CrossFit Masters Competition


Masters Men and Women Age 40+

Saturday November 14, 2015 

$120 Entry Fee

Cash and Prizes


  • Mens/Womens 40-44
  • Mens/Womens 45-49
  • Mens/Womens 50-54
  • Mens/Womens 55+

And the winners are…

Final Standings:

Congratulations to our podium finishers and thank you to all of our athletes – privileged to witness such a show!
Rank: Women 40-44 Rank: Women 45-49 Rank: Women 50-54 Rank: Women 55+
1: Jessica Manfro (4) 1: Tracey Magee (5) 1: Evelyn D’Onofrio (4) 1: Suz Umstatter (6)
2: Shari Wels (9) 2: Kathryn Stauss (8) 2: Pamela Carr (8) 2: Gail McKnight (6)
3: Bex Hufferdine (17) 3: Julie Sexton (14) 3: Leslie Zeldes (15) 3: Janice Francis (12)
4: Vivana Poveda (17) 4: Leslie Giordano (14) 4: Linda Maiorano (16)
5: Nikola White (20) 5: Carol O’Leary (20)
Rank: Men 40-44 Rank: Men 45-49 Rank: Men 50-54 Rank: Men 55+
1: Greg Tricola (11) 1: Leigh Randall (6) 1: Vincent Palma (5) 1: Dave Hardie (9)
2: Eric Salvador (12) 2: John Sandhaas (9) 2: Robert Klugman (10) 2: Robert Semmens (10)
2: Brian Garvin (12) 3: Dan Smith (13) 3: Brad Russell (15) 3: Rick Winkler (11)
4: Fred Cindrich (14) 4: Rob Bloom (17) 4: Jeff Corbin (18) 4: Patrick Tracy (13)
5: Dan Baxt (21) 5: Bernard Henry (23) 5: Jeff Berkowitz (21) 5: Michael Miller (22)

** In the event of a tie on points, the tiebreaker was the highest finish on any WOD.***




These are general standards of performance and not necessarily an indication of the exact movements to be performed.

EXPO 2014


Standards and Videos for each WOD will be posted below. If you have questions that have not been addressed, please let us know at info@empirestatecrossfit.com.

WOD #1 – Pick Your Poison (click the image for video)

5 minute AMRAP of 2 Power Cleans + 2 Front Squats

Points will be awarded for every round completed. The athlete will have a choice of weight for the workout and will be awarded points based on the weight chosen. Fractional points will be awarded per rep completed.Men & Women – Ages 40-49
2 points: 95/65 lbs
4 points: 135/95 lbs
6 points: 165/110 lbs
8 points: 195/125 lbs
10 points: 225/135 lbsMen & Women – Ages 50+
2 points: 75/55 lbs
4 points: 105/80 lbs
6 points: 135/95 lbs
8 points: 165/110 lbs
10 points: 195/125 lbs

  • The women will use 35 lb bars and men will use 45 lb bars.
  • The bar will begin on the ground. Touch and go cleans are permitted.
  • Bouncing the bar off the ground between cleans is not permitted.
  • Muscle cleans, power cleans and split cleans are all permitted.
  • You may not squat clean the second rep and count that as a clean + front squat.
  • The athlete is required to load the bar prior to the clock starting.
  • All Women divisions will go first followed by all Men divisions.
  • Every station will include a bar (45 lb/ 35 lb) and sets of 45s, 25s, 15s, two sets of 10s, a set of 5s and 2.5 lb plates.
WOD 2 - 8 is Enough

WOD #2 – 8 is Enough  (click the image for video)

8 minute AMRAP:
21 Shoulder to Overhead 95/65* lbs
15 Burpees Over the Barbell
9 Pull-ups
*50+ divisions 75/55 lbs


  • Women will use 35 lb bars with weights and men will use 45 lb bars with weights.
  • The shoulder to overhead movement can be any form including: Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk or Split Jerk.
  • The athlete must show control of the bar in the overhead position with their head through the window and knees locked out.
  • The burpee over the barbell begins with the burpee and ends with the athlete on the other side of the barbell. The athlete’s chest must hit the ground on the burpee.
  • There is no jump or hip extension required at the top of the burpee.
  • The athlete may hop or step over the bar.
  • Burpees should be lateral.
  • The following pull-up styles are allowed: strict, kipping or butterfly.
  • Jumping pull-ups are also allowed for all divisions, but any athletes who performs jumping pull-ups will automatically be scored lower than ANY athlete who performs regular pull-ups.
  • Any grip is appropriate. No bands or straps will be allowed. All pull-up bars, except the Spealer bars, will be taped.
WOD 3 - Tough Cap

WOD #3 – Tough Cap  (click the image for video)


2 Rounds:
60 Double Unders
50 Kettle Bell Swings 53/35 lbs
40 Wall Balls 20/14 lbs to a 10’/9′ target*
Time Cap: 12 minutes
*50+ division athletes will perform wall balls to a 9’/8′ target


  • Double unders will be standard in which the rope passes under the feet twice for each jump. Only successful jumps will be counted, not attempts.
  • The rope must swing forward.
  • Kettlebells must be fully inverted at the top of the swing, centered over the athlete’s head with knees and hips fully extended. At the bottom of the swing, the bell must pass through the thighs.
  • For 50+ division athletes, the swings may be Russian. Arms are only required to reach eye level.
  • The athlete must take the wallball from the ground, into a bottom squat position with hips below parallel, and hit the specified target.
  • If the ball hits too low, or does not hit the wall at all, a “no rep” will be given.
  • Athletes are not permitted to bounce the ball off the ground.

Final WOD 
To be announced on November 14th. Be prepared for anything!




  • First Prize

    $120 Cash + Entry to next year’s competition

  • Second Prize

    Entry to next year’s competition + $40 Unbroken Wear Gift Card

  • Third Prize

         $25 Unbroken Wear Gift Card, prizes from FitAid and Raw Revolution

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Event Schedule

The first Heat will start at 9am.

Please arrive early to stretch and warm up and to ask any questions regarding the work outs.

Parking is Limited!!!!

Empire State CrossFit is located at 615 5th Ave, Larchmont NY 10538

Please carpool if you can. Regardless of where you park, PLEASE READ THE POSTED PARKING SIGNS! You are responsible for your car.

We have some spots in our parking lot and in the building next door.

Parking is available a short walk away at the Larchmont Train Station.


This years shirt will be an American Apparel The Track Shirt 50|25|25 for both Men and Women.

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