Empire State CrossFit

Sep. 21

After A Horrible Accident, Chad Jones Is Determined to Recover

5 sets of hang squat snatch + 2 ohs

Metcon 12min

odd min.=8 hang squat snatch 95/65

even min=40 double unders


14 Responses

  1. bsmith6am says:

    11 rounds, rx weight but still no double unders (80 singles) gotta work on that

  2. tomcat69 says:

    10 rds @ 75lbs and 40 DUs

  3. mrjoshposh says:

    12 rds @75lbs and 20 DUs but TERRIBLE!!

    Made the classic CF rookie mistake of focusing on completing rds rather than on form. My HSS is for shit and my DUs are still not where they should be. Gotta practice and also watch Frank, Steel or Cableguy, all of whom have the HSS down!! Good job Fellas! Oh well, always next week.


  4. cableguy6am says:

    11 rounds – HHS RX and 20 DUs

    Great week, Dan.

  5. Always a good day when you PR. Especially after failing on the first attempt. PR on hang snatch 155. Rx in the workout not going to say I completed 12 I got 4 hang squat snatches on the last round and had 39 double unders before the bell rang. Went back and finished the reps though. Working on my cardio so I can fight muscle failure.

  6. shark624 says:

    12 rds 95lbs hss – 20 dus


  7. dragoxfit says:

    worked on form and technique
    1 hang power snatch into 1 over head squat @ 65 lbs 5 reps each minute
    working on multiple doubleunders
    felt uncoordinated today

  8. keripicc says:

    12 Rds 35lbs 30 DU

  9. paulyd42 says:

    1. Weighted-Strict-Kipping/Butterfly Pullup Complex
    5 sets of 2-5-7 unbroken, rest 2:00 between sets. 25lb,25lb,30lb,30lb,30lb

    2. 4×2 Squat Snatch @ 70% 1RM
    *hold bottom position for 5 full seconds, get into lowest position possible – 135×2,135×2,140×2,145×2,165×1(for the hell of it)

    3. OHS 7×1 – 135,185,205,215,225,250,255(Puerto Rico)!!!!

    4. “Flight Simulator”
    For time:
    Unbroken Double Under Pyramid
    5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40-45-50-45-40-35-30-25-20-15-10-5 -10:46. Great wod for those of you who need work on your double unders!!!

    5. Row 500
    50 KB Swings 70lb
    30 c2b pull ups
    Row 500. – 9:40 GOAT= kb swings

  10. I showed up for 7:30 class today. Now I know. No 7:30 class. Thanks Paul for recommending the double under pyramid.

  11. johnnann52 says:

    1 rd coors light 1rd bud light 1 rd amstel…not for time…completed with ease…will continue this workout as the night progresses

  12. dorizzle21 says:

    Big ol’ 75lb squat snatch PR…hey it’s something…

    9 rounds rx…hit every squat snatch well but got no gas as usual…at least I squat snatched 65lbs 30x more than ever before!