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My first time…

By Coach EJ

I wrote this article 4 years ago but is still relevant. Pay attention to your body and don’t let nagging pains turn into something more serious. Address the issue, don’t ignore it. For our folks at North, there are two referrals listed at the bottom of the post. 


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After 2 weeks of the crunchy shoulder feeling, I finally went to get checked out. I’d be lying if the recent bouts of conversation about labrum tears and surgery didn’t start to scare the bejeezus out of me. Usually little nags/pains go away, but this seemed to linger.

So far in my CrossFit career (albeit short – going on 2 years), I’ve been able to navigate my journey without having to see a doctor. I try to mobilize more (woo, mobility certified – Kelly Starett’s the man), take time off when something wasn’t feeling right, and try to address injuries at their beginning phase to avoid seeing the dreaded doctor. But alas, it happened. My nagging shoulder was something I needed some additional help with.

What I anticipated was a doctor saying, ok, what are you doing? What caused the pain? Then during my explanation of CF, getting those crazy eyes and given a prescription to get a cortisone shot and to stop working out for a few weeks.

Enter in my chiro/ART guy!!

After my unpleasant experience with thrusters on Sunday, I went straight to my affiliate’s referral list and booked myself to see him. Why of all doctor’s I chose him? Well it was because he’s been in my shoes – he CrossFits and he has a long standing history with two local affiliates that I know would only provide the best for their athletes.

What was awesome was that he understands the gripes and the Type A personalities that don’t want to be told to stop. I had my initial consult and he walked through what was going on with my wonky shoulder and then got down to some ART (active release techniques)


“ART is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system/movement based massage technique that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. … These conditions all have one important thing in common: they are often a result of overused muscles”

What was great, was that as opposed addressing the “pain” by shooting in some cortisone at the localized spot, we addressed the “issue” . Anyone can write you a script for meds and give you a magic concoction to stop the pain. But that doesn’t fix it!  It’s not surprising that CF athletes get injured every so often in their career. Our sport is intense! However, by addressing the heart of the issue, you can rest easy that this is something you can continue to do safely, as long as you think rationally, and as they say “leave your ego at the door”.


We have a few folks we refer people to at North. The great thing is that each doctor takes the time to answer any questions, explains the issues at hand, keeps it real and basically their focus is  “to give hope” to people that their physical issues can be addressed without having to get under the knife. My first time seeing a doctor was better than I thought.

Dr. Russo – Shrub Oak
Dr. McCoy – Jefferson Valley 


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