Empire State CrossFit

Feb. 15th

4 power cleans @ 255

3 sets for times

row 250 meters

15 k.b. swings 70lbs

25 burpees

15 k.b. swings 70lbs

row 250

rest 12 min.




This hurt me bad, I have been giving myself 1 cheat day a week, usually a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday as those days allow me the most time to stuff my face. Yesterday I cheated and I just cant seem to do it like a normal person. We went to Pallisades and I decided to do a burger and fries and then stone creamery or whatever that Ice cream store is called. I felt nice and uncomfortably full and that should have been it but instead I came home and had two bags of kettlecorn and 5 Ice cram sandwiches. Needles to say my stomach was burning today. I think that cheat days and the excess calories are good for CrossFiters but that was ridiculous.

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