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About Empire State Kids

Empire State Kids is an exercise program for boys and girls age 6-15 . Our goal is to get your kids moving and excited about fitness. By building solid foundations for movement and standards, we hope to help your kids develop an interest in athletics, decrease risk of injury through out their developmental stages and instill a respect for a healthy lifestyle.

Our program is scaleable for the 6-15 age range, boys and girls, any experience level. Our fun approach gets kids moving in an environment that is safe, friendly and fun.

Empire State Kids focuses on the following areas of fitness:

Area: Body Control and Coordination
Movements: Double-unders, Precision jumps, Wall ball shots to a target, Running, Skipping

Area: Agility and Balance
Movements: Plank holds, Wall walks, Burpees, Cartwheels, Forward rolls, Handstand holds against the wall

Area: Endurance
Movements: WODS, Games, Running, Rowing

Area: Flexibility
Movements: Yoga Poses, Static Stretching, Warm Up and Cool Down

Area: Strength and Body Weight Movements
Movements: Kettlebell Swings, Cleans, Snatching, Deadlift, Thruster, Planks, Push-ups, Squats,

Please remember that our Kids workouts are created and scaled specifically for the 6-15 age range. Movements are drilled and practiced and then used in a game or workouts with short time domains. Intensity of our workouts is relative for children and they are monitored during the class.

For more information about your program, you can email us at : kids@empirestatecrossfit.com or Use the Contact Us form below.

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1 Class $25

5 Classes $100

10 Classes $180


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