Empire State CrossFit

Dec. 14

oly practice

work up to a heavy squat clean not a P.r.

take 80% of that # and do 1 squat clean omem


on a 6 min. clock row 1000 meters

Burpees Over the Erg x Max Reps in Remaining Time

Please report two separate scores: Row Time + # of Burpees


Check out those socks

5 Responses

  1. hank8urs2 says:

    I have to say, those are some fantastic socks. Especially, the ones that go with the blue shoes.

  2. movenhen says:

    Those blue inov-8 are perfect with those socks…

  3. cableguy6am says:

    Ungargames, lookin’ good. Is that Tomcat on the right?

  4. dragoxfit says:

    squat cleans: 135, 155, 175 (fail), 165, 175 (fail)
    wod: 3:50 + 34 burpees