Empire State CrossFit

Dec. 13


I have been getting a lot of feedback from the competition and many people are looking for more, Just so happens that the CrossFit open is around the corner and after going back and forth about how I can program for competitors as well as general public, I have come to the conclusion that I am going to do exactly that. Basically from here until march 6th classes will be hard and there will be a little extra volume for people looking to compete.


work up to a heavy Jerk-does not need to be a P.R. if its feeling slow.

12 min. amrap
6 Push Press (115/75)
8 Pull-Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)

Athletes looking to compete should try this on the min.
(If you fail to finish a round within the minute, finish out the round and rest the remainder of the minute you bled into, then pick up again at the top of the next minute. E.g. – completed 10 swings at 9:10, rest 50 seconds, begin again at 10:00 . . . and only complete 11 rounds – do not make up missed rounds at the conclusion of 12 minutes.)

7 Responses

  1. dragoxfit says:

    push jerk: 75×3, 95×3, 115, 135, 155, 175, 185 (failed 2 attempts)
    wod: 5 rounds + 6 push presses (kb @ 53)

  2. erikaungargames says:

    Push jerk- worked up to 125. Failed at 135. still not comfortable with this movement.
    Metcon- 6 rounds plus 1 kb swing- after round 1, subbed burpees for pullups. left arm from elbow up to shoulder in pain…:(

  3. Dan Stearns says:

    Split Jerk
    315-fail B.K. said to take my skirt off and stop being soft
    inspired by B.K.’s 195 lb split jerk P.r. and the fact that he said he would slap the taste out of my mouth if i missed.

    10 rds on the min. really 9 because all 10 of my last k.b. swings would have been no repped could not feel my forarms! tough workout!

  4. cableguy6am says:

    Strength: Hit 170 two weeks ago (pr) and feel I can get 180, but failed at 155 three times today. One word: Linda.

    WOD: 6 + 4 pull-ups (95# push press / 53# kb). Did not do the rest as prescribed.

  5. showtime17escf says:

    Given that I’m still figuring out what I can and can’t do from PT, the RX workout seemed like a bad idea today. Ended up doing something else to make some sort of progress.

    Power Cleans 75# x5, 95# x4, 125# x3, 145# x2, 165# x1
    Power Clean 135# / HSPU ladder 10/2 8/4 6/6 4/8 2/10 = 6:57
    10min EMOM 10x pullups


  6. dorizzle21 says:


    Work up to a heavy Jerk-went up to 130…definitely felt slow and wanted to focus on from

    12 min. amrap
    6 Push Press (115/75)
    8 Pull-Ups
    10 Kettlebell Swings (70/53)
    4 rounds + 2 swings rx…may have miscounted and shorted myself a round but went too slow either way