Empire State CrossFit


Mar. 14


Max reps
90 sec.
Row for calories
Power Snatch 95/65
Box jumps 24/20
rest 1min.

Day 340

Active rest-jogged 5 miles real slow. Tomorrow nothing

Mar. 13

Back squat
10-8-5-4-3-2-1-this is not a good rep scheme to P.R. just get strong

10 rds
5 chest 2 bar
5 burpees

Day 339

Woke up feeling sore! even stayed and did yoga yesterday. Did some power cleans and front squats but felt really weak. Jogged 3miles then did a bunch of muscle ups with 16 lb weight vest had to take a couple bags out missed with the 20lb. So I am in 44th place with two weeks left and to pull this off. I am gonna rest tues. wed. hit the open wod thurs rest friday, saturday, Then hit again on Sunday. wod 12.3 my legs were heavy on box jumps because I never had a complete rest day before. So These last two are for all the marbles, I cant afford any slips everything has to be perfect, nutrition, sleep and you guys might see me in boots in jeans again to ensure I dont do anymore wods!

Day 338

Wod 12.3
389 reps…I owe full credit to chris spealler for showwing me how to do toes to bar like knees 2 elbows and Gandi for telling me to break them up 6 & 3 from the very start. #40 after 3 weeks, need to really crush one of these next two. double unders, power cleans would be nice!

Mar. 12

3 weeks down and two weeks left in the Crossfit open. Top 30 Teams and 60 individuals advance to Northeast regionals in Canton Massachusetts memorial day weekend. For the next two weeks we will be doing the open wods Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 11, 12. We will also have a bbq and party on Sunday March 25th after the final open wod. As of right now here is Standings

Team Empire-21st place

Coach Dan-44 Chuck-83
Lex-66 A.P.-135
Pauly d-113 J-wow-212

Spencer- 204 in the world masters division

It has truly been a team effort so far, we have used scores from not only people listed above but lizzie, Gandi, onramp, Socks and Zawackster. So lets keep supporting each other and make sure Team Empire makes it to regionals!

Compare to Sep. 26
The Lark
16 power cleans-155/105
run 600