Empire State CrossFit



Nightmare in Progress
For time:
Run 400 meters
10 Pullups
10 Burpee Box Jumps

Day 250

wk 1 insanity training camp
4 sets-with mask
1 min double unders
1 min rest
55 reps most rds
3 sets-with 20lb weight vest
15 chest 2 bars rest 2 min.
55 sec
65 sec.
60 sec.
3rds max reps
1 min squat cleans 155/105
1 min shuttle run 20 forward & backward
1min k.b. swings 70/55
1 min. burpees
1 min. push jerks 155/105
1 min rest
159 reps…Chuck got 146 she might be holding up better then myself, Thank god tomorrow is a rest day or my resting heart rate might be zero. Tough 3 days and I have some more torture planned to finish off wk1.


Front squat work up to a 3 rep max.
row 400
75% of your three rep max x 8

Day 249

Wk 1 insanity training camp
4 sets
5 deadlifts tng
20 sec max effort airdyne
all sets at 315 worked form average 17 cal awesome cycle
run 900
30 hspu
10:13…legs were jello that is not the point hspu terrible, shoulder has been hurt so long but I am ready to get them going again.
up & down 20 flights of stairs
21:36…So tired today forced myself to do 3 wods anyway, can hardly keep eyes open. Tomorrow more of the same.


Happy b-day Sil! If anyone wants a hoodie please let me know by rhe end of the day order is going out tonight!
Part 1 work on hspu
10 deadlifts 135/95
10 pushups games style
Pics from over the weekend

Day 248

wk 1-insanity training camp
 20 min find a 1rm power snatch
185lbs P.R…Cant wait to find out what I can squat snatch.
5rds with 20lb vest
5 bench press 205lbs
10 chest to bars
9:02…was helping uncle rob climb rope
Calorie row
overhead squat 95lbs
7:39…all ohs went unbroken, under 7 is possible but have to push a little harder
at track
run 200 meters
35 d.u.
7:22…legs were jello.