Empire State CrossFit



5 min. amrap
10 wallballs
5 pullups

5min. amrap
5 shoulder 2 overhead 115/75
10 burpees

5min. amrap
row 5 calories
10 air squats

Day 238

5 sets
front squatx2@300
rest 20 sec.
25 unbroken pullups
rest 6 min.

185, 25 unbroken
215, 25 ub
235, 25 ub
255×1 failed on 2nd tempo much harder 17 unbroken then fell off and hand ripped
245, fell of real early grip was shot.

then punishement for falling of pullup bar
calories on awesome cycle
10:00…started with the mask on but had to take it off, this mask is gonna be good for me to get thru panick feeling, before the open I want to be able to get over 330 in fight gonna bad with it on and I want a resting heart rate under 50 beats per min.


6 hang squat snatches 75/45
12 clap pushups
24 k.b. swings 53/35
run 200 meters

Day 237

Rest Day


Remember 10 days till competition please let me know if you are planning to compete so we can start making the heats.
1 month till end of the year, today we will look back at goals we all set. For all the ladies that had a muscle up as a goal check out the link below. I know many you have acheived them already. Today we will work on goals and skills then
3rds-max reps
90 sec-wallballs
90 sec. toes 2 bar
90 sec. row for calories.
rest 1 min.                                
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