Empire State CrossFit


Day 295

worked up on split snatches
200lb P.R. Barely missed 205 video below weight is 195

[embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/ZkJEfSQYG88″ width=”90%” ]

Since my weight is 195 and I have been strict paleo for 26 days now I figure now is as good a time as any to do linda

290 deadlift
190 bench press
145 clean

19:47…This one got me by surprise.

Jan 28


10 min. Amrap
10 jerks 135/95
20 pullups
30 double unders

Day 293

Full day rest – needed it.

Jan 27

10 min amrap
7 ohs 75/55
7 burpee box jumps
7 k.b. swings 70/55

Day 292


Front squat
270×2…This is 95 percent of 300 So I will add 10 after a deloading week

5-10-15-10-5-10-15-10-5 unbroken pullups with 20lb vest

14:42…I wanted to make sure it went unbroken, next goal under 10.

Death by 400 meter gave myself 2 min to run 1 lap around track, extra time used as rest

16 rds…stopped due to time constraints-had a client, I have a good aerobic base.

Jan. 26

From now until the open is finished on March 25 we will doing Competition style wods on Saturday, so I would suggest resting on Friday to be fresh. If you are unable to make it in on Saturday, You can do the wod on Friday. If you would like to come in both days because you love this stuff so much, We will go over skills on Friday and Comp. wod Saturday.

5 power cleans 225/135-use the weight that you used Jan. 19
50 situps
4 power cleans 225/135
40 situps
3 power cleans 225/135
30 situps
2 power cleans 225/135
20 situps
1 power cleans225/135
10 situps