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A. 5×3 overhead squat work on depth
B.amrep hspu 3 sets
Refer back to july 5
15 min clock run 1 mile amrap cindy

Day 257

Filthy 50
50 box jumps-unbroken
50 jumping pullups-unbroken
50 k.b. swing 35lbs-unbroken
50 walking lunges-unbroken
50 toes to bar-20 in a row then started to have problems.
50 push press 45lbs 3 sets
50 back ext.-back seized up on me was doing them in 5’s
50 wallballs-25,15,10
50 burpees-unbroken
50 double unders-tripped up twice
20:54…I am in shape now, back ext. stopped my chances of under 20 but I felt good.


8 days of Chanukah
1-8 power cleans to lunge
8-1 toes to bar

Day 256

Wk 2 insanity training camp
3 sets amrep 55lb weighted pullups rest 2min
5, 4, 3
10 min. clock row 1000meters amrep hspu off 25lb bumpers.
20… these are starting to come back.
At Track death by 7 min. mile. had watch count down from 7min. walked a lap between miles. 
1st mile 6:33
2nd mile 6:45
called it after 2nd not sure If I had a 3rd mile. Resting heart rate down to 55bpm. gonna start resting more I promise, I feel that with proper rest, I can start putting up some respectable times on wods. I have 20 wods on paper that I am going to hit over the next 9 weeks, I care about my times on each one so I know I will rest before and give it my all on each one. I have come to the conclusion that doing wods that I dont care about beat up at less then full intensity is like studying drunk-it still works but not that well. 

Empire State CrossFit

Day 255

wk.2 insanity training camp
Front Squat
290-fail twice
my front squat has been stuck at 285 forever, need to address it.
Row 10 min. max calories with mask
160…gonna try this sat. without mask. last time 208, hoping for 225 or more.
Did not feel like I worked hard enough so asked Paul if he wanted to do 50 burpees for time which was just a formality as I knew he would be down.
2:10…Pauly d got me by about 7 burpees which translates to 20 seconds which translates to me being slow!

Empire State CrossFit


2 min. stations max reps.
box jumps 24/20
D.B. push press 30/20

Empire State CrossFit