Empire State CrossFit


Mar. 25

Northeast regional May 25-27, Canton, MA book your hotel because Were In!

A. Work up to a heavy 1 in a clean
B. prowler pushes

Day 350

Jogged 5 miles

Ok I have put a bunch of people through this wod and I believe I can get myself to set of 18 with 2 min to go. as opposed to 1 min. How it goes after that I am not sure but know I will get through the 18 thrusters. Here is the new plan go unbroken on thrusters deep into the wod gonna get through the set of 15 but break up the pullups early, never hit muscle failure. This is the rep scheme I will use.

15-3 for as many as I can before singles. When I get to 18 I am going to work like a dog!

Mar. 24

Air Force Wod

20 reps each movement 95/65
20 min time cap.
4 burpees to start each min
push jerks
front squats

Day 349

Correction I got 93 on day 20 of this blog, 106 today big improvement but I am good for a lot more. This is one of those times where I feel like I can improve by a lot because I red lined on the pullups on my set of 12 which hurt me and broke up the set 15 thruster too many times, now I will set forth a plan & execute like the past 2 weeks, 120 will be tough but that is still the goal, 3,6,9 have to go fast.

Mar. 23

A.Build to a heavy 1 in deadlift


C. If you did not get a chance to do the games wod 12.5 today or Sunday. Saturday will be regular classes

Day 348

I was actually thinking today anything would be better for me then last years final wod. Chest 2 bars will slow me down. Goal is 120, Think I got 103 last year on Day 20 of this blog-Crazy!