Empire State CrossFit


Day 261

Rest Day

Day 260

Front squat 3×3
255×5…This is good! day 176 I tried the same rep scheme and failed on my 4th rep. This is also considering this is my 6th day in a row of training and I did heavy thrusters and wallballs yesterday so it might be only 2 reps in a 100 days but I am taking it next time I front squat 3 sets of 5 right across the board.
10 min. row for max calories-with mask
165 calories…5 more then Monday, one day next week trying without the mask. 208 is old # I feel like I have to get 250. I can hold 16 calories a min. with that mask which is like breathing thru a straw, then I should hold 25 without it. Also I am dissapointed, I had so much left but cant push it or else I go into hyperventilation mode.


All I want for Christmas is 300 calories
10 min. rower max calories

Day 259

Trained with the ladies today, A.P. and chuck decided the 12 days of xmas was not hard enough so we scaled up.
1 power snatch135lbs
2 ring dips
3 burpees
4 pullups
5 toes 2 bar
6 pushups
7 squats
8 jumping lunges
9 box jumps 30 inch
10 wall ball 30lb
11 k.b. swings 70lb
12 thrusters 135lbs
22:40…Have to get back on opt my back is starting to hurt again but I do like doing all out wods,  talked about it with the gang from now on follow the programming but once a week hit a wod from that list all out, just so we get use to that intensity that the open will bring.


35 min. cap
12 days of Christmas
1 ground to overhead 95/65
2 ring dips
3 burpees
4 pullups
5 toes 2 bar
6 push-ups
7 air squats
8 jumping lunges
9 box jumps 20 inch
10 wallballs
11 kbs 55/35
12 thrusters 95/65

Day 258

5 hour amrap
rip up carpet rearange whole gym. 7:30 class was slow so for 15 min. row 1000 then did 30 hspu off 45 lb bumpers. finishesd with 1 min. left so did amrap burppees 21.