Empire State CrossFit


Day 316

270lb power clean [embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/ys-10gsSYeU” width=”90%” ]

2 more days of training then it begins

Feb. 22

If you Plan on doing the open wod tomorrow rest! body needs to be fresh. If your gonna hit it later come get some

Back squats 5×3

Tabata something else
Chucks pick of excercise selection

Feb. 21

We will be doing the open Wods Thursday as the class wod and again at 11 and 12 on Saturdays if you cant make either of those times let me know and I will arrange a time for you to do it.

A. Max double unders-3 chances to set a P.R. for double unders

B. Max pullups

C. Row 600 Run 600

Then I will Demonstrate how to use a foam roller

Day 315

Ran 5 miles- all miles easily under 8min.

1 rope climb
10 wallballs
15 k.b. swings 53
20 double unders

12:11…some dude on mainsite got 11:43 I think? I should have pushed this one way earlier I was going slow at first thinking it would get hard but then it never did and I realized with 3rds left I should get a move on but it was a little to late. have done some form of squat everyday this week and my abductor is feeling it. I better slow my roll!

Feb. 20

Congrats to Merkin, Lex and the savage on getting their level 1 certs. over the weekend.
2nd order of hoodies are in!

Power cleans

12 min. amrap
10 wallballs
10 hang cleans 95/65
10 hand pushups

Day 314

Clean Pulls 3×3

Front squat 80% of 3×6
230×6…I feel like since greg Everett gave us this program it has to work, so far I am 2 for 2 in hitting all my percentages taking front squat # from 290 even though I have never officially hit that.

Map training on Rower
4 sets
3min x 90%
3 min x 50%

Hit 800 meters everytime on 90%. So I made up my mind I am going to hit each wod full out on Thursday at my gym if I am pleased will move right along with training if not I will do it again on Sunday.