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February 23 – February 28

Totally behind on this

February 23

Build up to a heavy deadlift
Maxed at 275# – didn’t want to go higher since the Open starts on Friday. This is positive since I could barely do 245# several months ago.

C&J at 135#

20 MUs for time
5:57- PR !

February 24


Have to look at my book at the gym. Can’t recall what I did

February 26

Open WOD 16.1

211 reps

February 27


ROMWOD – played catch up on paperwork


February 28

Definitely feeling sore. Was completely shot and felt like today was hard. Glad I got it in though


2(165-195-205) 7(215)x2
*everything felt heavy; did my last set with a belt

Oly Strength
OMEMx12 (70-80-90%)x3
* I did an extra set to practice. 155 was heavy – Should have been 160, but the 155 was already feeling a bit much today. I felt better during the later sets

5 Thrusters 75#
10 T2B

*this got hard round 9 and got 10 in the nick of time
Did this at my husband’s gym, so the grip on the racks there is different since it’s not a straight bar. 

Followed by ROMWOD



Feb. 18-22

Feb. 18

intensity was not there so I just did 5rds not for time

4 muscle ups

8 hspu

12 30 inch box jumps


Feb. 19th

Rest day


Feb. 20th

Run 5k

23:30…Nice outside!


Feb. 21

Rest day


Feb. 22

1 hang squat clean + 4 front squats


Omem x 14 min

odd-10 wallballs 30lbs

Even-3 muscle ups

complete…nice and easy, tomorrow  I will do some pressing and c2b, hspu wod then just shut it down till Friday.

February 22

Strength FS Test: Every 30 sec until failure:

*this is about the norm over the last few months. Considering this is under fatigue and with no belt, I’ll take it.

For time:
50 cal row
50 alt pistols
25 hand release burpees

Deadlifts – Week 12

Metcon – 10:24
Strict Diane
Round 1 – 4:18
Round 2 – 4:00
Round 3 – 2:24

February 19 (night time re-do)

13.5 Redo in the evening

I normally do not repeat workouts, bc when I do, I tend to do worst. However, this AM I knew where my performance suffered and it was more a mental issue than a physical one.

Having people watching you and other folks to workout with makes a difference. Did this with Joe and Ryan

126 reps – up 41 from this AM
Thrusters all UB in the first 3 rounds

  1. UB all
  2. Thruster UB, 8/7
  3. Thruster UB – 3 and singles, fighting for each rep

No idea what happened or how I segmented things. I know I did sets of 5 on thrusters. Pullups still need work

February 19

4 min AMRAP

15 Thruster 65#
15 C2B

*if you complete 3 rounds, you get another 4 minutes

I’d like to cry, throw a tantrum, yell and scream.
2 rounds + 10 C2B = 85 reps (+7 reps – this is lame..meh)

I was right on pace for 3 rounds, but I just stopped  b/c I’m a pansy and it’s easier to stop than to feel uncomfortable. I under-estimated my rest and took longer than I really needed to. Also, this has been one of the most mentally and physically exhausting weeks. Not to be whiney or make excuses for myself.

Coaching staff is short this week so I’ve been on the floor for every session. That equates to 26 classes down and 5 to go this afternoon.  I’ve been getting in 4.5 hours of sleep a night and just feel like crap. I had high expectations for this WOD and really would have liked to get thru to the next round 

Live to fight another day

Feb. 17th

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
100 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups

If 90 reps (3 rounds) are completed in under 4 minutes, time extends to 8 minutes.
If 180 reps (6 rounds) are completed in under 8 minutes, time extends to 12 minutes.
If 270 reps (9 rounds) are completed in under 12 minutes, time extends to 16 minutes.

115 reps….This killed me! Bri actually told me to stop being soft, I redlined making it into the 2nd rd and I just could not get it together but if I was able to feel that emotion called  happiness now is where I should because 7 weeks ago, I said if I could beat any scores from 2013 that would be something to write home about and 3 years later I did. which shows a few things, though not recommended if you train hard for 7 weeks you can get in shape and CrossFit works even though you get older, if you remain smart you can continue to improve, which I find very cool because I plan on doing this for a while. So its fair to say right now I am in best shape of my life. The difference this time was the chest 2 bars.

rd1-unbroken   rd2-10&5  rd3 -15 singles. finished the three rds at 3:55. All Thrusters unbroken and they always hurt.