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January 29

Work up to a heavy hang squat clean & jerk

165-195-215-230-245-260-275F easily under it  my left hip flexor is tweaked. I will squat light till it feels better.


Thrusters 95


3:50…I need to find a way to do 9 more thrusters & c2b in this exact time if I want to advance to 2nd rd of 13.5. I actually think I can do it if I do the first rd unbroken. Then next two rds of thrusters unbroken and fast 3reps on the pull-ups. We will see in a couple of weeks.

4rds for time

30 calories assault bike

20 k.b. swings 70lbs

10 hspu from 45lb defecit.

18 something….There is a certain point where I am in such good shape that I can just try hard on every movement and know my breathing will be ok. I am not quite there yet but getting closer. 4 more weeks to get there.

January 27


40 Burpees
75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees
135 pound Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees
165 pound Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees
210 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

171 reps…This is one rep shy of what I got in 2013 but if I knew the # I was shooting for beforehand I think I could have beat it. I am happy with this because in 2013 I was in real good shape. Still have a month to get fitter before the open.

Jan 24-25-26


20 cleans 135

10 muscle ups

15 cleans 185

10 muscle ups

10 cleans 225

10 muscle ups

15:00 my back was not with me .Shoveled with bad form!




3 squat snatch 185

5 shoulder to overhead 185

7 ring dips

19:18…missed too many squat snatches

Immediately upon finishing did chest-2-bar Angie which took me about 40 min. but the good thing I figured out is when my butterfly is down to singles I can revert to the old school kip and get a few more that way.



I woke up extremely sore  so I did

9 sets of Every 5 min row 500 meters + 30 assault bike calories

Complete… Just what I needed today. Starting to be able to breathe through my nose & feel like I am starting to get back in shape.

January 22

WORKOUT 15.4  

Complete as many reps as possible in 8 minutes of:
3 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
6 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
9 handstand push-ups
3 cleans
12 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
15 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
18 handstand push-ups
6 cleans
21 handstand push-ups
9 cleans
Etc., adding 3 reps to the handstand push-up each round, and 3 reps to the clean every 3 rounds.

78 reps. One more then last year. Don’t have any good excuses. The only good thing is that I have 4 more weeks to continue to get in shape. This wod was not much of a breather so did the first 3 rds of 15.2 with wallballs.

0-3 min.

2rds of 10 wallballs 10 c2b


c2b-4-3-3 both rds

3-6 min.

2rds of 12 wallballs 12 c2b


c2b 6-3-3

6-9 min.

2rds of 14 wallballs 14 c2b


c2b 8-3-3

2nd rd. did 5 then had to go to singles but finished easily under the cap.



January 20

5 x 3 tng squat clean

135-165-195-225 didnt tng this & cut it there being soft. Left hip flexor is a little tweaked but will feel better with rest.

7 rds for time

7 deadlifts 225

14 burpee box jumps 24 inches

15:35…I wanted to do deadlifts in a wod after my back seized up doing 13.2. All deadlifts were tng. I focused on perfect form as soon as the bar past my knee I would bend my legs. I am saying it was just a fluke. I will try 13.2 again next week.

January 18

No Luck woke up with Pink eye and sick. Hunter is getting me I thought I was immune to this.

Wod #1


power snatches 155

muscle ups

6:20…that is extremely slow but all muscle ups unbroken

Wod #2

10 rds

20 dubs

5 toes-2-bar

7:30…Just getting them in

Wod # 3

150 calories for time on Assault bike 1 55 lb manmaker after every 15 calories

16:20…sometimes when I think of creative wods I should try them out on other people first.