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Day 2

Wt-209…I agree I should be at 190.

The first 10 will come off with training the last 10 will require discipline

A. run 400 @ 75% , old school warm up + 5 accelerates The accelerates were awesome for opening up my hips and my stride

B.2 mile time trial 14:00 min even-I immediately puked after finishing and scared some high school students

Random thoughts-my limiter in this one was calves; they were heavy from all the long slow running I have been doing and power output. My first mile was 6:52. This is a great test for us.  My aerobic system is good to go because I can hold the same pace, the pace just needs to be faster. Yeah I puked because I am out of shape but that just made it uncomfortable to hold but I still could. When I was good at CrossFit I never really got outworked, someone just started out faster and I could not catch up or gymnastics gave out on me. anytime I was in the top 60 in a open workout the time domain was above 12 and the gymnastics movements were low skill or in a small #…In my opinion, I need a lot of heavy short power repeat ability training, sprints, basically stuff I hate doing. Either way you got your work got out for you.

Coach Dan’s Blog

Program design done by Danny Anders AkA Merkin


A. gymnastic warmup

3 sets of

plank 60 seconds

handstand shoulder taps x 10

lateral squats x 10


B. front squat 1 pause + 2 speed squats


These are good for me I don’t like squatting fast, I could have gone heavier but they would have been slow.


C. 3 sets of flex on beach snatch complex

185 straight across… stayed light, left hip flexor is a little tweaked

D.  omem x 16 min.

odd-5 thrusters 135lbs

even-10 k.b. swings 88lbs

this was way harder then it should have been.


Random thoughts-With my injury and other things going on in my life I have not been doing any competitive C.F. training in about a year and a half. I have a long road back but I am back in the saddle again.