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Feb. 18-22

Feb. 18

intensity was not there so I just did 5rds not for time

4 muscle ups

8 hspu

12 30 inch box jumps


Feb. 19th

Rest day


Feb. 20th

Run 5k

23:30…Nice outside!


Feb. 21

Rest day


Feb. 22

1 hang squat clean + 4 front squats


Omem x 14 min

odd-10 wallballs 30lbs

Even-3 muscle ups

complete…nice and easy, tomorrow  I will do some pressing and c2b, hspu wod then just shut it down till Friday.

Feb. 17th

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 4 minutes of:
100 pound Thruster, 15 reps
15 Chest to bar Pull-ups

If 90 reps (3 rounds) are completed in under 4 minutes, time extends to 8 minutes.
If 180 reps (6 rounds) are completed in under 8 minutes, time extends to 12 minutes.
If 270 reps (9 rounds) are completed in under 12 minutes, time extends to 16 minutes.

115 reps….This killed me! Bri actually told me to stop being soft, I redlined making it into the 2nd rd and I just could not get it together but if I was able to feel that emotion called  happiness now is where I should because 7 weeks ago, I said if I could beat any scores from 2013 that would be something to write home about and 3 years later I did. which shows a few things, though not recommended if you train hard for 7 weeks you can get in shape and CrossFit works even though you get older, if you remain smart you can continue to improve, which I find very cool because I plan on doing this for a while. So its fair to say right now I am in best shape of my life. The difference this time was the chest 2 bars.

rd1-unbroken   rd2-10&5  rd3 -15 singles. finished the three rds at 3:55. All Thrusters unbroken and they always hurt.

Feb. 15th

4 power cleans @ 255

3 sets for times

row 250 meters

15 k.b. swings 70lbs

25 burpees

15 k.b. swings 70lbs

row 250

rest 12 min.




This hurt me bad, I have been giving myself 1 cheat day a week, usually a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday as those days allow me the most time to stuff my face. Yesterday I cheated and I just cant seem to do it like a normal person. We went to Pallisades and I decided to do a burger and fries and then stone creamery or whatever that Ice cream store is called. I felt nice and uncomfortably full and that should have been it but instead I came home and had two bags of kettlecorn and 5 Ice cram sandwiches. Needles to say my stomach was burning today. I think that cheat days and the excess calories are good for CrossFiters but that was ridiculous.

Feb 12 & 13

Feb. 12

Woke up ready to hit 15.3 but Hunters school called and he came down with a stomach bug. I had already had my pre-workout so at home wod

omem x 40

10 burpees

Complete I have never done 400 burpees before

Feb. 13

12 min. amrap

12 cleans

6 ohs


finished the cleans at 225 with 2:30 left. Missed the behind the neck jerk and was too gassed to try again should have waited longer.

omem x 20 min.

sprint 200 meters

complete…all about 40 seconds. So cold was not able to sweat until the 17th min.

Feb. 11

80 shoulder taps facing the wall

7 x 4 strict pull-up


385 x 2

did 100 chest-2-bars & hspu.

Something started clicking on butterfly c2b. I need to start the first one like old school kip then as soon as my chest touches think pull face into bar. That kept me in a rhythm where I can consistently hit 10 but it could have been just a good day and we will see when my heart rate goes up.


Feb. 9th

4 sets of 1 hang squat clean + 2 front squats

185-205-225-245…Hip flexor still bothering me.

row 1000 meter buy in


4 muscle ups

30 wallballs 20lbs

60 double unders

21:15…All muscle ups unbroken, double unders unbroken except the last two rds. due to fatigue. Wallballs were the problem because of hip. Feeling a little beat up. Volume is going down from here on out. I feel pretty healthy going into this open, left hip flexor is a little tweaked and bad golfers elbow but besides that good and with sufficient rest neither bother me.