Empire State CrossFit


April 24

Reminder-contracts begin may 1 or 15 depending when you are charged, if you have not signed one, it will be assumed you are going month to month.

Power cleans do not have to be tng you can rest at the bottom 5-10 sec.

Partner wod
10 min amrap
1 min k.b. swings 70/53
1 min burpees
alternate each min

April 23

Work your way up to a heavy thruster not a 1rm

Thrusters 95/65

April 17

Testing Day-use the search function in the right hand corner to refer back to April 18 to see how far your front squat has come in 1 year. Refer back to inhouse competition for wod

Find front squat 1rm

Front squats 95/65
k.b. swings 53/35

April 16

Contracts will be in Tomorrow, everybody has till May 1st to decide what works best for them. I Know things are getting super tight but we will expanding in May and hope to Have 4,500sq feet by June1st.

Work up to a 1rm Hang clean
take 85% of that #
6 min. amrap
3 hang cleans
6 pushups

April 12

Work up to a heavy snatch
8 min. amrap 90% of snatch

April 10

Back Squat-refer back to March 13 for strength #s

7min. amrap
run 400-buy in
7 wallballs
5 burpees