Empire State CrossFit


Dec. 9

First of all I want to congratulate everyone who participated in the competition on Saturday. The amount of effort and pure heart displayed was indescribable. I want to thank all people who volunteered their time and everyone who came to support.  photo.JPGphoto.JPGphoto.JPG


If you were in the competition I would give yourself one more day, your central nervous system was put through the ringer and so was your liver if you enjoyed the after party.

max 50 meter farmers carry

OTM x 20
Odd - 5 HSPU use deficit if neccessary
Even - Row 200m


Part 1

5 sets to find a 3 rep max snatch in 60 sec.


Part 2

7  min amrap

7 toes 2 bar

7 clap pushups


7:30 class reflecting on their day.


Sep. 21

After A Horrible Accident, Chad Jones Is Determined to Recover

5 sets of hang squat snatch + 2 ohs

Metcon 12min

odd min.=8 hang squat snatch 95/65

even min=40 double unders