Empire State CrossFit

MAP Training

Sep. 7

From now on when you walk into class write your name on  the whiteboard. When you are done with your wod yell out time and an instructor will yell your name and time out, then you are responsible for writing on the board. It has been so busy( I am not complaining) but when 18 people are yelling out times the instructor cant coach and watch the class if he or she is stuck at the whiteboard.


Front squat




85% 5 or more, I am expecting  more here, this our 2nd time around here.


2 sets of 5min amrap

Row 500

max hang squat cleans 95/65lbs

rest 5-10 between sets



front squats


6 sets

hang power snatch 2.2.2 rest 10-15 sec between doubles

prowler sprints



Sep. 6

8 min Amrap

5 deadlifts 275/185

5 ring dips

rest 5min

8 min amrap

20 double unders

10 games style pushups

[embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/-mOZ9ATMg-U” width=”90%” ]

Sept. 4

Today is a good day to set up your word press account, Today is gonna bring some good #’s

Front squat 4×2 62%,72%,82%.92%


Row 1000

50 Thrusters 45lbs

30 pullups



Take 15-20 min to work up to a heavy clean

Front squat 4×2

3 sets for times

6 shuttle sprints

30 wallballs

15 toes 2 bar

rest 3min between sets

June 13

Recovery skill/strengh
12 min.
odd min 10 push press 115/75
even min 10 toes 2 bar

row 500
run 400

May 1

Strength-Jerk Practice

10 min amrap
20 double unders
15 front squats 115/75
10 jerks 115/75

April 27

Clean Pulls 3×3

ring dips
100 meter sprint between rounds