Empire State CrossFit

MAP Training

Oct. 23

Barbell for boob shirts will be in this week 100% of the profits going to charity.

work up to a heavy clean and jerk and  practice at the weight  you are going to do on Saturday.

5 sets

row 250

20 double unders

15 k.b. swings 70/53

10 toes 2 bar

rest 4 min


Barbells for Boobs is this Saturday Oct.27.  Heats will start at 10am and will run every 15 mins.

Please arrive early and get yourself warmed up.  Please also plan to help out with counting for others and helping set up barbells.


Oct. 8

Work up to heavy 1 in the hang clean

take 80% and do 1 every 20 sec x6


2 sets

3 min max wallballs

rest 3min.



Refer back to July 10

Take 20 min to work up to a new 1rm front squat


20 burpees


rest exactly 2min. between rds

Sep. 27

Great day yesterday I taught all 8 classes for the first time in a long time. Good energy tons of P.r.’s the day flew bye! Anybody know someone who can do 30 muscle ups under 5min and power snatch 235lbs in high-tops? look below

Push press 5×3

3 sets

3 min clock

25 box jumps

row for calories with remainder of time

Rest 3min between sets

Sep. 12

Announcement-next week will be starting morning classes at 9:15am & 10:15am. Also Woolf will be providing childcare for the 9:15am class. The cost is 1o dollars a kid.  Chuck will be starting CrossFit kids next tues, thurs 3:45 pm. more info to come.

6min. amrap

3 deadlifts 315/205

6 box jumps 30/24

9 pullups

rest 6min

6min amrap

10 lunges 55/35

10 situps


6 sets of power cleans

2.2.2 all sets done between 75-80%

rest 10 sec between doubles

Same wods as the class

[embed_youtube src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/rt9JSwdJiy4″ width=”90%” ]  
Gandi 435lb backsquat,

Sep. 10

I have had a couple requests to change the 9 to 9:15 there is also a chance to have child care at that time if that is something that would help please let me know. My apologies to the 6 am class that got a completely different wod

14 min. amrap 

7   hang cleans 205/125

7 ring dips


work up to a heavy hang clean

5 sets for times

25 unbroken k.b. swings 70/53

25 games style pushups

50 double unders

rest 3min.