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New Website!! Few announcements

1. Everyone needs to get a wordpress account. So they can post to comments, very important so you can mark your porogress and I can analyze Data.

2 . Postpone Sunday open gym starting next week as we have to put up another pullup rig.

3. Competition Team: If you are looking to compete & have your sights set on this years open or have been doing this for some time and want to take your training to a new level. The comp. class hours will be 4:30 & 7:00pm during the week and 12 pm. on Saturdays.  This training will be vary demanding and is only by invite.


6 sets of 1 power snatch 1 squat squat

15 -12- 9 – 6- 3            

Power snatches 115/75

Barbell  facing burpees



August 31

Labor Day hours: 9,10 & 11am.
Congrats to the Gipster who is getting married this weekend!

4 min. amrap
2 power cleans 185/125
2 front squats 185/125
2 shoulder to overhead 185/125
you may not squat clean 2nd rep or thruster 2nd rep.

Rest exactly 6 min

4 min. amrap
4 chest 2 bars
4 box hurdles 24/20

Rest exactly 4 min

4 min amrap
shuttle sprints with 45/25lb weight

Same except while working up you will find your 1 rep max for
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 jerk

all movements must be done in succession. This should be fun!

August 27

New gym Address-615 5th avenue Larchmont

First things first, I want to thank everyone who came out over the weekend and made Saturdays move possible. The people in this gym never cease to amaze me. Now a few issues

1. Nobody should leave their stuff on the floor we have two separate changing rooms. You can bring water out but keep it off the playing field.

2. Now that I have a desk and chair that no longer resemble a tappan zee bridge toll both attendant, obviously I don’t want anybody’s sweaty post wod butt in my chair looking on internet.

3. I am so psyched about you guys being able to hang out and work on things but please remember to put stuff away.

4. Weights are to be put away in order, matching plates on matching plates, don’t just give em the heave hoe anywhere, organization is gonna make it easier for everybody.

5. I am starting a competition blog for those looking to compete seriously in the sport of fitness. I have spoken to most people that I want to follow but again now that we have more space when people get done with class wod or get their early they can squat or pick parts off comp. blog as long as they are not disrupting a class.

6. CrossFit kids on the way as soon as Chuck and I get settled in our switch.

7. Ask and you shall receive! Sundays open gym 10-12, Ravee is in charge, make up a wod that you missed during the week or work on some goats.

Class Wod
filthy 50
50 box jumps 20
50 jumping pullups
50 k.b.s 35/25
50 walking lunges
50 knees 2 elbows
50 push press 45lbs
50 back ext
50 wallballs 20/14
50 burpees
50 double unders

Competition blog
A. oly skill complex done with bar
3 reps of each twice thru the complex
snatch grip d.l.
snatch pull
muscle snatch
snatch push press
snatch balance
hang power snatch

B. 5 sets of snatch 1.1.1
rest 10 sec between singles
rest 2-3min

goal should be to perform all your sets with between 80-90% of 1-rm snatch

C. four sets of
front squat x 3-4 reps
rest 3 min

D. 3 sets for time
rope climb x 3ascents
6 cleans185lb/120.
row 350 meters

rest exactly 3 min between sets.

(these should be sprint sets. Get through them as quickly as possible and then recover and try to hold or beat time the next set. Note set times individually.)

August 22

1. Chuck is heading back to school to do her student teaching so I will be covering the 6 & 7am and she will be teaching 6:30 & 7:30pm. If You are new and or don’t know her, she has been working with me for almost 3 years and knows what I want when it comes to training. She has also been my training partner and trained with me everyday for the past 3 years.

2. I am thinking about having a class on Sunday. Let me know if you would be interested.

3. Check out the New Bourne movie but look closely at the main character because it might be a stunt double who happens to be our very own Declin! I have not seen the movie yet but if he power cleans something I am adding movie stuntman trainer to the resume.

7min amrap
3 deadlifts 225/135
3 hspu
6 deadlifts 225/135
6 hspu


Should You Fire Your Doctor? 

How do you know?

I remember my days back in the corporate world (HR) that it was all but understood that roughly 25% of all employees were severely under-performing. And 10% were all but out the door and set to be fired! I also remember working with a lot of different types of people. Some were educated and smart, some were educated and, well, not so smart. Some were un-educated but smart as hell.

Shouldn’t we then assume that, even though all doctors are educated that at least a certain percentage of them just aren’t very good at their job?

In the words of the late George Carlin: “Somewhere in the world is the world’s worst doctor. And what’s truly terrifying is that someone has an appointment with him tomorrow morning”.

So how do you know? Read More…