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Day 234

Power snatch 2×2 at 80% rest 2min
135lbs both touch and go
Power snatch 2×2 at 90%
150lbs felt super light so I decided time to P.R so I started hitting singles
170×1 P.R.
175×1 P.R….There is more left but I did not want to get greedy.
worked up tough 5 70lb k.b. snatches
3×1200 meter row with gas mask
4:36…mask is awesome because I am forced to control my breathing. good day of training.


The clean & jerk is considered the KING of all weight related exercises. The strength, power, coordination, balance and flexibility to pull a heavy barbell off the floor only to receive it on your throat supported by your shoulders at the bottom of a deep front squat, STAND, then take a breath and jerk this weight over your head is, well . . . somewhat athletic. This one exercise more than any other, utilizes the most from our bodies. It requires every muscle in the entire body not to mention a little mental focus. Practicing the clean & jerk with use of proper technique, will in time improve posture & core strength. Plus, a little extra practice with the ol’ mind-body connection is a nice bonus.

Clean & Jerk
take 20 min. to work up to a 1rm. Preferably a squat clean

on 3 min. clock.
run 300 meters
amrap burpee box jumps
rest 3min between rounds


Should You Fire Your Doctor? 

How do you know?

I remember my days back in the corporate world (HR) that it was all but understood that roughly 25% of all employees were severely under-performing. And 10% were all but out the door and set to be fired! I also remember working with a lot of different types of people. Some were educated and smart, some were educated and, well, not so smart. Some were un-educated but smart as hell.

Shouldn’t we then assume that, even though all doctors are educated that at least a certain percentage of them just aren’t very good at their job?

In the words of the late George Carlin: “Somewhere in the world is the world’s worst doctor. And what’s truly terrifying is that someone has an appointment with him tomorrow morning”.

So how do you know? Read More…