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Day 11

Rest Day

Day 10

Flex on the full beach recap

Flex on the beach was by far the worst run CrossFit competition I have ever been to. They had a great Idea. We are gonna make competitors judge each other but we are gonna change the standards at the last min. making it impossible for not only our staff to know whats going on but ensuring everyone has different standards at the asking price of 400 a team.
Wod # 1
on a 20 min clock. work up to heavy snatch + snatch grip deadlift + hang snatch + ohs
195…. besides the 20 min clock we actually got to go out there and warm up. We met our judges from team Rad, who were our judges for the whole day,  then you return the favor and judge for them. Which can make it extremely awkward if you no rep someone. Team Rad seemed nice enough. They consisted of a young Spanish kid and a kid that looked like he starred in dazed and confused, plus two girls that looked like they were forced into the comp. So lex and I strut out there fully intending to show these people how awesome we are. Lex asks so you want to see want 315 looks like and I commented are you guys doing scaled. So we have the girls work up to what they are going to hit then 3-2-1 Coach Dan spends the first 6 min. letting the girls do what they just did in the warmup. Meanwhile everyone else has their girls opening at what they are going to hit. Lex and I end up missing all our lifts. I AM AN IDIOT! So now I am mad but we have to stay and judge team Rad. Both guys end up hitting 215. Dazed and confused hangs out at the bottom of the overhead squat and poses for the camera, it takes all my grown up restraint not to go over and hit him in the liver with a rabbit punch. I am now hot under the collar  but good thing we go immediately into wod 2.
Wod # 2
10 burpees
15 pullups
120 unbroken thrusters among 4 team members
burpees & pullups unbroken followed by 36 unbroken thrusters -I could have kept going….This was an absolute shit show. They changed up the standards at the last minute so nobody had an idea what was going on. Our plan was to only go through it once and we did. The problem was Dakota did 15 tight unbroken kipping pullups but then was told she was only allowed to do burpees while Punky was doing thrusters. So she had to do them over which cost us precious seconds that we got beat by down the stretch. Now I am full blown furious and we have to judge team Rad. They are on their way to beating us again so I yell at Lex to no rep this poor girl for resting in the rack position with three thrusters left; So as to secure our time.  I am sizzling mad and having trouble holding back my disgust which was echoed by the beast who said we are throwing a comp. on this day just to spite these idiots, which is why we get along so well.
Wod # 3
 150 unbroken kettlebell swings 70/53 among two team members every time you drop the k.b. you have run about 300 meters
11:21…Punky did 30 to start and then I went for a jog, while running I get passed by J-wow who remarks c’mon Dan. Which sends me into a state where I decide in my mind I am going to do 120 unbroken k.b. swings. So I get back and start on my mission when I hear my judge call out 90 I decide I don’t have 30 left in me so I put it down. My forearms feel like they have been asleep for an hour Punky comes back and bangs out thirty more k.b. swings and then I go for a run looking like red in clip below http://youtu.be/F6DhAIQSGRU and come back and do 30 swings and we win our heat at 11:21 feeling somewhat vindicated it is now time to judge team Rad. The boys who now look like Dan Bailey and Sammy Sosa to me  now compliment us on how well we did. Maybe its the all around c.f. love or the coach in me but I decide the boys must do well. So we devise a plan where they can be done in 4 sets like us. So I count for them and yell encouragement give them the trick of loosening  grip at the top and coach their breathing and sure enough they beat us by 21 seconds. Punky smiles at me thinking to herself you have to be the dumbest man alive  and that concludes my day of competition.
Overall we came in 21st but like I said the whole thing was ridiculous. It started raining which they had not planned for so the final wod was cancelled.
Random thoughts- there was a ton of people rocking unbroken wear that were not from our gym and mid way through the event I realized that Joe is actually gonna end up making some money because he has a quality product and quality sells but instead of letting him know that I would pretend I did not know him and pass his booth and childishly yell Unbroken is the hottest thing out. Then at the end of the day we all gathered under the unbroken tent and as Joe and the Beast were diligently working to close the makeshift store up people were running to buy sweatshirts. I was dumbfounded and what I wanted to say was Joe this is extremely impressive that people are coming  in the rain to get your product but what came out was I don’t know why your closing up shop there is still money out here…Overall it was a great day and I got to spend time with people from the gym which was great.


Day 9

Rest Day

Day 8

20 min. airdyne easy effort 10 min. foal roll + static stretch Random thoughts-woke up today feeling like dog doo and remained feeling that way. Complete rest day tomorrow

Day 7

3.5 mile jog…I wanted to keep going but knew that it would just make everything tighter.


Random thoughts-Great day. Both gyms growing rapidly and I am stressed. I have projects that need to get going and I want to add rigs at both gyms. I also need to find some quality coaches to train for both locations and my bank account is always bulimic but I spent the whole day with Hunter and realized that these are good problems, I have good people around me and I need to be enjoying the ride. Bad for Diet though we had Ihop, Asian fuzion & TCBY. I will get on the airdyne tomorrow and actually do some mobility and static stretching.

Day 6

A. 3rds not for time

30  sec planche lean hold

15  reverse leg lifts

20 hollow body


B. 5  sets of 1 squat clean + 1 front squat

225-235-245-250-255…I feel all the core work helping


C. 5 set for max reps

on a 4 min. clock counting down

row 500

5 manmakers 55lbs

max muscle ups

rest exactly 2 min.

7-4-5-4-4….the short rest made this one brutal! I enjoyed it.

Random thoughts-That is it as far as the weights go for this week now I will just chill out till flex on the beach.