Empire State CrossFit

April 19

Work up to a heavy Power Snatch
30 snatches 135/95

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  1. dragoxfit says:

    power snatch – 75×2, 85×2, 95×2, 105×2, 115×2 (fail)
    wod – 5:08 75 lbs
    notes – stiff and sore from angie and d.t. and i have not snatched since 13.1 so i went light and concentrated on form and technique.

  2. tf8930 says:

    Worked up to 135 (ties PR). Isabelle 4:16 @ 115 lbs.

  3. rollinsredux says:

    Felt good today for the first time since returning from the DL.
    Worked up to 135# and actually felt like I could’ve gone for more but didn’t want to test my new, bionic arm, er, tendon 😉

    WOD: 7:12 @ 115 lbs.

    Time to rest

  4. baboo68 says:

    first post, tell the newbies no thongs for wall balls.
    wod @100 4:20

  5. showtime17escf says:

    Worked up to 145# on power snatch. Picking apart the movement to start some mental lightbulbs. I want to figure this out.

    Isabell: 3:20 @ 95#

  6. 2easyxfit says:

    Worked up to 90 Wod: 4:32 75lb

  7. jjbello says:

    WOD: 4:03 @ 105#

  8. veneck says:

    Strength: Power Snatch 135
    WoD: Isabelle 5:16 @115

    July 19th Isabelle time was 6:24 @115

  9. zawacki888 says:

    Work up to heavy power snatch
    100lb…didnt go so well

    30 snatches 95
    11:53 rx—had a rough time
    Isabelle really took me down yesterday, and she even pulled my hair! Beast was a witness. I can only get better from here.

    • beastie21 says:

      This is a fact. Isabelle fights dirty. I saw it while doing the physical challenge off to the side.

  10. bsmith6am says:

    4:54 w 95lb.