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February 11

Work up to a heavy 3 Front squat
8rds for time
10 D.B. squat snatches 50/35
8 burpees
6 chest-2-bar
     Below is an excerpt from Hoffa’s College Essay. Few thoughts: I am so proud of him! and while we are dealing with transitional problems its things like this that remind me of what its all about.

I was born with one kidney, but that is not what this essay is about. Due to my condition however, a restriction given to me was that I could not participate in “contact” sports like football. I understand that football could damage my kidney, but I love the sport and craved the camaraderie that it provides. Then I learned of a Crossfit gym only minutes from my house.

It was not a perfect match. The average Crossfit athlete is an adult in phenomenal physical shape. That did not describe me.  I was embarrassed to be the chubby high schooler, struggling to lift a 25-pound barbell, while the bearded behemoths in front were lifting 200 pounds.  I was surprised and delighted, however, by their generosity — people at my gym willingly share about their struggles to help others succeed. Apparently, not everybody looked good when they started and that encouraged me.

Their guidance meant a lot to my morale.  After a year of Crossfit, I noticed that my stamina improved, as had my strength. I am surprised as anyone that I now work out as much as five times a week and power clean 160 pounds with ease. Every time I leave the gym, drenched in sweat and gasping for breath, I try to hold onto that feeling of fulfillment, in case I question my desire to continue.

At the Crossfit “box,” when I am struggling to complete a lift, or make it through a tough workout, I think about advice I hear every day. Push yourself a little bit past what you think is possible. In times of doubt, I envision myself winning the Crossfit Games, despite my initial trepidations, and I trudge forward.